How Can Custom Socks Enhance Your Business?

It’s no secret that everyone loves a freebie, and even better if it’s quality merch that adds value to their lives.

That part is key – adding genuine value!

Keyrings, pens, fridge magnets and similar calibre knick-knacks are the standard, boring choice to display your company’s logo on.

The truth is, more often than not, these items end up in the same place – the “junk drawer”; you know the one, it’s usually full of batteries, rubber bands and an array of business cards.

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Why are Custom Business Socks Different?

Custom socks are a great, unique choice of customised merchandise that can help elevate your business’s visibility, brand equity and more. Here’s why:

  1. Socks are a practical

Most of us wear socks every day, so they’re in regular and constant need. It’s pretty easy to pick up a cheap pack of pens, but socks add much more value to everyday lives!

  1. Socks are fun

If you’re after something with higher engagement and brand recall – a custom socks are the way to go. They are a more personalised item or gift, which helps make them much more memorable.

  1. Socks are an expressive medium

Lots of people need to wear a uniform of sorts, or plain coloured suit to work. Socks are often the one part of their outfit where they can express their personality and style. Now imagine your fun design or logo down on that pair of feet? Pretty cool!

  1. Socks are versatile

Socks are unisex and designed to stretch to fit A LOT of feet with comfort and quality. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with this option!


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You Can Use Custom Socks for a Variety of Business Purposes

Custom Socks for Company Employees

  • Reward and incentivise your staff with something unique and special that they will actually want to show off!
  • When you order custom socks for your employees, you help create a team environment and sense of shared community in the workplace
  • You can also design custom business branded socks for employee presents, Christmas gifts, as awards, to welcome new hires and/or as souvenir farewell gifts
  • Research indicates that when staff feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to be efficient, work together better and be more productive – so it really is win/win!

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Custom Socks for Clients & Other Stakeholders

  • Give back to the businesses who make yours go round. Branded socks are the merchandise pairing your clients won’t want to take off.
  • It doesn’t hurt that business branded socks are a type of free word-of-mouth marketing. Every time one of your client’s colleagues, personnel in other departments or a friend asks about their cool socks, they’ll mention your company!

Design by Emma Maja

 Custom Socks for Your Customers

  • The team at Aussie-based Capital Socks have worked with a range of businesses to help bring their custom sock visions to life.
  • From small independent businesses, to institutions like The National Museum of Australia; we’ve created custom socks you can sell to your customers to build a stronger connection between them and your brand!

Here are a few examples of the different ways a small business could utilise custom sock merchandise as promotional material.

E.G. Real Estate

Imagine including a pair of little custom house logo printed socks in a welcome gift hamper/gift box for new homeowners?

Or, what if all of the staff at your firm have your brand represented on their feet to achieve cut through in a highly competitive industry!

E.G. Gyms

Gym gear goes hand in hand with a pair of comfy socks tucked into those training sneakers! Why not make some to showcase your brands colours and logo or fun exercise designs?

You can even include a pair in the welcome pack for new members, or once they reach a certain fitness goal/12-month mark! You members won’t be able to get enough!


Custom socks are also a great gift with purchase or giveaway to increase awareness for your brand, broaden your reach and get people talking and wanting to know more! It’s cost-effective value-adding advertising!

Special Company Events/Tradeshows

Custom socks are great swag for company events. This comfortable, high quality and exciting promotional item is one people actually want to use (again and again)! 

Image by Cottonbro

Remember, life’s too short for boring merch – the brighter and bolder, the better!

Capital Socks is a local Aussie sock merchandiser who are experts at creating custom socks for small businesses with amazing results! Reach out to find out how we can help you.

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