Capital Socks never need an excuse to celebrate in style, but we still LOVE a public holiday or special event day! Two of our faves on the annual calendar are the Easter hols and Mother’s Day.

Below you can discover some unique ideas for how to add a little more fun to these occasions:

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1. Bring the Vacay to You

For most of us, international travel and “European vacay goals” are a dream that may not be on the cards anytime soon.

That’s okay; if you’re craving a break but can’t actually “get away”, why not bring it to you and enjoy holiday vibes from home?

Replicate the best parts of a holiday at home by trying these easy tips:

  • Pick a Theme

For Easter or Mother’s Day, pick a theme – we love “Tropical Island Getaway”. It can be a brunch, lunch or dinner event. 

Image by Trang Doan

  • Set the Scene

For the Tropical Island Getaway theme, add some fresh exotic flowers, maybe some pictures of tropical birds or pop-up palm trees, for example.

For food and drink why not serve fresh coconuts/ cocktails inspired by the tropics (with those cute tiny little drink umbrellas, of course). Choose a menu and music to match the occasion.

If you’re planning this for Mother’s Day, why not “take” mum on a trip to Paris from home? Set up a traditional European café checked tablecloth and create a brunch or lunch to remember: crusty baguettes, croissants and cheese plate!

Perhaps mum is more into Little Italy vibes. Try setting a candlelit table + delicious pasta/yummy DIY pizza station and maybe a glass (or two) of wine for her at dinner!

Image by Fauxels

  • Dress the Part

Pick an appropriate and culturally sensitive dress code that evokes the mood, such as a Hawaiian floral shirt and/or some Toucan, Flamingo or Watermelon socks for a tropical island vacay theme. These little touches bring a bright, bold and fun finishing touch to your styling.

If you were doing a South American food theme instead, you might want to pull your look together with our Tacos socks, or for an American fast food theme pick The Lot socks – equipped with juicy burgers, fries and mouth-watering soda/shakes, and decorate your space with colours that included red, white and blue.

We love the idea of socks for this because they are an inexpensive and ideal option for all guests (especially those who don’t want to overdo dressing up because they have somewhere else to go afterwards).

  • Keep the Fun Going

Take turns between your friend’s circle/family with hosting, and “visit” a different destination each month or for each public holiday or special event!

2. Rediscover the Beauty of Your Own City

It’s no secret that we LOVE our home city: Australia’s Capital of Canberra. We understand that for most people, we rarely see our own home through the eyes of a tourist – but it doesn’t mean we can’t!

This Easter or Mother’s Day just check out Google for highly rated experiences in your area and take your pick;

  • Something arty and cultural
  • A foodie trip for your tastebuds
  • Visit to a landmark you haven’t seen

Spend a morning, afternoon, evening or entire day reacquainting yourself with local gems and having fun with the people you care about most.

3. How to Elevate Socks from “Meh” to “Ah-MEH-zing” Gifts for Special Events
  • Experiences

These always make for unique gifts that you can live! For example, for Mother’s Day tailor it to mum’s individual interests (one of her hobbies, her favourite movie or film genre at the cinema or a paint and sip experience if she’s a little arty).

  • Cement the experience with something more tangible like a pair of socks that match the mood (think bright arty colours for her to wear whilst painting, or pale pastels if it better suits her vibe)!
  • Make wrapping a reusable, practical gift!

Did you know socks can double as the wrapping for small gifts?

If you’re gifting someone chocolate eggs for Easter or a hand cream or similar for Mother’s Day, just slip inside one sock and roll into the other. A word of warning: make sure you let the receiver know not to leave the choccie eggs anywhere they can melt or get squished!

This wrapping idea is not just beautiful, but also environmentally friendly – it’s way better than disposable paper or plastic wrapping.

As always, keep it stylish,

Team Capital Socks.

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